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The DISCOUNT off other services is 5% to 10% at MOST. READ THE TERMS. You get EXACTLY what they LIST. FREE OFFICE EXAMS, vaccinations, dewormings, fecal exams, diagnostic testing FOR LIMITED conditions and parasites, etc. For a PUPPY, today/7/16/2012, you pay $323.40 a year, you save a minimum of $562.27 IF YOU TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ALL THAT IS INCLUDED. NO, it does NOT include LAB WORK for the most part, X RAYS, ULTRA SOUNDS, SURGERY, ANESTHESIA, the stuff used for TREATMENT OF INJURIES AND DISEASES! Again, it is NOT INSURANCE! It DOES NOT INCLUDE heartworm prevention, flea prevention, YOU PAY EXTRA FOR THAT. It allows you to spread out BASIC PREVENTIVE CARE over 12 months! IF you want REAL PET INSURANCE, it is available, BUT UNDERSTAND UPFRONT, MOST VETS WON'T ACCEPT IT AS PAYMENT, YOU PAY THEM, they fill out your paperwork and YOU GET REIMBURSED AND FIGHT WITH THE PET INSURANCE CO. Most Pet Insurance policies are LIMITED PER INCIDENT in what they will pay, you can have a BIG overall MAXIMUM benefit amount, but it does you NO GOOD if the PER INCIDENT AMOUNT is small. I went to a local Banfield last night for the first time, hours are 7am to 11pm, 7 days a week. Got an appointment for a sick puppy 5 hours later. FREE first visit, got a prescription for antibiotic, a don't bite spay stitches plastic ring collar, total charge $16.95! VERY HAPPY Absolutely will buy the Banfield Wellness Plan for Early Puppy on next visit in a week!

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Upper Respiratory Infection
Claim Amount
Under $100

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 07/27/2012

I don't know why you feel the need to TALK IN CAPITAL LETTERS. However, you admit you are new to Banfield. How can you rate them when you are just beginning your journey with Banfield? That is ridiculous. Everything you are ranting about is not news to most of us. The problem most of us have with Banfield is the quality of care or lack there of, the sales pressure tactics of trying to upsell and get you to buy unnecessary proceedures for your pet, and the overcharged amounts they create to make the naive think they are saving money. I have tried two different Banfields and they both were guilty of the above mentioned. You will learn in time grasshopper!