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I feel that I was "entrapped" by this company, and forced to pay out $25.95 a month for a year (over $300 extra for only one visit). Here is what happened... We adopted another cat to go along with our current dog and cat. At first, things went really wonderful, but then (after months) the new cat began to terrorize our "old" cat. When the new cat got an abscess, Banfield seemed like a good idea, because I could just walk right in to Petsmart and there they were. Anyway, while there, they "talked" me into getting their plan (it was much cheaper in the moment) and then proceeded to explain what all came free with the plan. To make a long story short, we were soon (sadly) forced to find a new home for our new [turned very aggressive] cat. I called to see if I should cancel or transfer their plan along wit him. It was then that I found myself in the situation of either continuing to pay out $25.95 a month (for a year) for only having used Banfield for one visit (for a simple abscess), or pay back all of their so called "discounts." They very nicely explained everything I would be charged for, and I was shocked that one visit was costing me much more than the $300 I was left to pay out. This was on top of the hundreds I had already paid for the visit! Obviously, I will never use Banfield again. I also will never go back into a PetSmart. Oh, I can understand Banfield's little game, but not Petsmart allowing them to operate from inside their stores. Shame on yo

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Skin problem

Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 08/28/2012

I agree horrible plan that is not worth it. I cancelled and had to pay over 300 for the plan on top of the large vet bill!

Posted: 10/24/2012

I also will no longer shop at PetSmart. There are plenty of other places to shop and not support the kind of abuse delivered by Banfield. I have also been turned over to collections after cancelling my "contract" which I knew nothing about! Didn't know they automatically renew it...

Posted: 02/17/2014

I want thank all for providing your reviews. Almost signed up for this Barnfield plan, it just sounded so good. Perhaps as the saying goes, "if it sounds like a duck and looks like a duck, it is a duck." Knowing what I know now reading all these reviews I will stay AWAY.