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Our siberian husky puppy started to show some GI symptoms and some swelling in his face. He is an 8 month old puppy that is always eating everything that he can get so we naturally thought that he ate something and it would pass. That was until his face started to swell up and he started to have really bad vomiting and diarrhea. Okay, so we then thought that maybe it was an allergic reaction alongside the possible bowel obstruction (by the way, my wife and I both have a medical background). So we thought to get him checked out just in case. Our vet wanted to do an X-ray just to try and see anything so we went for it, it showed nothing. When I got home from work he was super lethargic and when he lifted his head to look at me his one pupil was 6mm and really big and the other one was tiny at 1mm and he looked really crazy! We rushed him to an 24 hour animal hospital and he was hospitalize for 2 days in puppy ICU. During this time I called Trupanion and applied for their pre approval process and they said that it would take a lot longer because this was our first claim. I didn't expect it to take one day. To make a long story short, our total bill for an MRI, ultrasound and the transfer of care from our vet to the hospital plus all the medication and everything brought us home a healthy siberian husky and a bill of 4600$ and change. Trupanion was so efficient and prompt with filing our claim and reimbursing us that we didn't even realize that we were out the money for the

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neurological symptoms
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