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When my sweet 5 year old adopted Dobie decided to show his disdain for being left home alone while I saw a movie by eating my Venus Emrace razor, blades and all, just before I had to leave town for an important Doctor's appointment, VPI's handling of my claims relieved me of one more worry in rapid fashion. My claims were a bit confusing as I am a Physician and I was able to take my baby home for observation and treatment between serial radiographs and reevaluations by the Vet. He did well after I left but developed a new problem 3 days later. He suddenly quit eatting and drinking and had difficulty jumping onto the couch and bed. Thus, he was admitted to the Hospital in my absence. This would have confused many Insurance companies, but not VPI! I am so pleased that after comparing multiple insurers and obtaining recommendations from my Vet and friends that I decided upon VPI. As a physician I had the advantage of being able to interpret those loopholes and "legalese" that many insurers use to hide their poor reimbursement such as percentages of "usual and customary". Like whose usual and customary rates are they referring to and does it vary as to the part of the country in which you live? VPI's reimbursement rates and exclusions are clear to those with no medical knowledge. My claim to reimbursement turn around time was as little as four days. As I was under an incredible amount of stress and was terribly worried about Pumpkin, having an insurer like VPI be so effic

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Ingestion of a foreign body/lethargy and change in mental status
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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