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I have always had great experiences with Banfield care. The vets at my local Banfield are outstanding and have given nothing short of stellar care for my cats, including one cat with diabetes. However, the customer service at the Banfield Wellness Plan main office is terrible! I called to cancel the plan for one of my cats. After a year on the plan for this cat, my husband and I decided it was more cost-effective to just pay out of pocket for a once a year check-up. She's an indoor-only cat and healthy. I called this afternoon to cancel the plan and got the "pleasure" of speaking to Andrew. Holy cow... I have never met a more rude, unhelpful customer service agent! I had to repeat *at least* 10 times that I wanted to cancel one of my plans! He refused to listen to me! After every time I repeated that I wanted to cancel, he tried to sell me something else or try to talk me into keeping the plan! Even after I explained that I knew he was trained to do this, but my mind was made up and to cancel the plan, he *still* persisted in trying to talk me out of my decision! FINALLY after 10-15 times of repeating that I wanted to cancel the plan, he finally did what I asked. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and was informed there weren't any available. When I asked when they would be, I was told that supervisors aren't available to speak to directly. We went round and round with me asking for a supervisor and Andrew telling me no when I finally got so frustrated I asked for voic

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Posted: 09/16/2012

I also called banfield ontario last week to cancel my dog insurance due to financial difficulties, but still billed from my chase bank that made e overdraft. This rediculous. please bring me back my money,we really need it.

Posted: 10/10/2012

You need to call the Banfield hospital to MAKE SURE they cancelled your insurance!!!! I tried for 2 years to cancel mine and they never did!!! They are the rudest most absent minded customer service that I have ever dealt with in my life. I seriously almost had a stroke while talking to them on the phone because I was so frustrated and upset!! I will NEVER take my pets to that place again!