Waste of time and money

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I purchased this as a Christmas Present for my son's 8 month old English Bulldog. I was concerned with the reported health issues of Bulldogs and wanted to make sure that my son would be covered. I am just now looking to renew the policy and find out that VPI has not paid one single claim. They have claimed that intestinal issues were pre-existing, Food allergy diagnosis as well as other normal Vet visits are all not covered and to refer to the not covered section of the policy. They state on the website that all of these issues ARE covered and what amount is covered but in reality when you attempt to file a claim they are now not covered. When you call them you must be a Vet to be able to discuss the claims. I am so frustrated and I am really confused on how so many could have such great experiences. I am not a normal complainer and would be the first to post a positive review and very rarely post negative reviews but let me warn you if you have an English Bulldog most claims will be denied.

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Claim Amount
Under $100

English Bulldog

Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 01/09/2013

I would file a complaint with your states insurance board or file a lawsuit for breach of contract