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Our dog was not feeling well after picking him up from the kennel. We didn't know what was wrong he was current on all his shots At first he would not eat and looked sad. He then starting vomitting. We took him to the vet and they gave him some medsand said he should feel better. Well he did not and got worst. He could barely walk wouldn't eat ir drink. The et I'd an X-ray and found the blockage and said e needed surgery and it would be about 1800.00 my husband said I needed to decide what nears going t do he was ny months and was so sick. I called VPI to see exactly what type if coverage he had and wa so relieved. He had surgery and pulled through just fine and came home the next day. Yeh my Dalice was back. This s the first dog I have ever waned and we got him at 10 weeks. I can imagine life without him. If you have a pet you should have pet insurance I'm so glad my employer offer it. Thanks VPI

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Intestinal blockage
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