My dog and I love Pets Best and are so thankful

Out of 10

Ive had Pets Best for my young Maltese. He has been stricken with so many illnesses and ailments this past year that I was so worried I would lose him. Our vet was finally able to pinpoint the source of most of his problems, Hypothyroidism. He also has back problems. He was put on meds and now after a few months is doing so much better! He is almost back to his playful Maltese self!
I spent alot of money on tests, bloodwork, meds, X-Rays and visits! I would do anything to save my pet but wouldnt have been able to afford it without the coverage provided to us by Pets Best! All of my claims have been approved, and yes Ive paid my co-pays, and deductibles ..but always get a portion of the claim back. That helps me so much! This is the first time Ive had insurance on any of my dogs and he is the first to have many issues.

Im always worried a claim wont be approved ...but they have all been so far. My premium has increased for the first time on this year's renewal but only went up a small amount. Nothing drastic.

I hope my dog gets better so he can simply enjoy his doggie life. He will require meds for the rest of his life but thanks to Pets Best he will have a good quality of life because of the safety of insurance in case anything else comes up.

THANK YOU to Pets Best! I would highly recommend them to anyone with pets!

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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