Healthy Paws has awesome service.

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As we all know our furry companions mean the world to us and when they are ill we worry & rush them to the doctor just as we would a human baby. My Little female weim puppy seemed to be urinating way too much. I immediately went online to do research. The symptoms that she demonstrated indicated that she could possibly have a UTI & if not taken care of could lead to other problems. It was a Nat'l holiday but I did not care I could not take a chance so I rushed her to the Vet. The end result was she did not have a UTI infection thank heaven. Healthy Paws processed my claim immediately and I received my payment within days. I was totally impressed with their customer service and the expedience of my claim. I will pass their name on to others that have puppies. By the way, most importantly I will pass their name on to my breeder as well as mention it on the breeders Facebook Page. Rates are reasonable. Talk about a protective mother; that is certainly how I would descibe myself. Thanks, Healthy Paws

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
Under a year

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