Thank GOD for pet insurance!

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Hi Healthy Paws people! I'd love to write a review for your company, because I honestly feel your service and customer service is OUTSTANDING. My dog had bi lateral elbow surgery for elbow dysplasia. She is in her 4 week of recovery. With all the xrays, blood test surgery and follow up Dr. visit I would never have been able to afford to have her fixed if i didn't have a policy with Health Paws. I'm so greatful for the super quick turnaround for reimbursement as well. It is so simple to fax in the bill and with in a couple of days (usually the next day) you awknowldge that it you received it and that it is being processed. I have received emails from you checking on my dogs progress and just simply stating you are thinking about her and me as well. Thats more then i got from the vet office that did the surgery. I am a dog walker and have reccomended your service with complete confidence to many of my clients and anyone that i see with a puppy. I know for sure 2 people I have met in passing on a trail with puppies have signed up for Health Paws. They told me so and thanked me when i ran into them again. I love you service and you customer service is FANTASTIC.

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