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I had to use the gift policy I received from my humane society twice. My kittens had some pretty run of the mill shelter illnesses. They were all covered, but the customer service from Shelter Care was terrible. On hold for a long time, I wanted to email my forms (after scanning them) and when I emailed for an email address, I was told to call for info. When I called, they told me email was an option but no one ever used it. (And he didn't believe me that I someone had emailed me to tell me to call to request an email address.)
I both mailed and emailed the claim forms (close to 20 pages). I had to call to follow up on the claim since there was never an communication from them. When I called they told me that my second claim had been flagged for review but she didn't know why. They called ma later to tell me it was being processed and I would receive it soon.

I did receive it, but it was made out to the local emergency vet, not me. I don't know why, since the emergency vet hand't treated my kittens the second time (but they had the first time). After putting me on hold multiple times, I was told they would cut me a new check two business days later (it was Thursday, the check would be cut on Monday) and that it was a mistake on their part. I appreciate the acceptance of responsibility of their own stupidity, but how they could be that stupid to begin with is beyond me.

Luckily it was free coverage that I wasn't paying for, but after all this, there is no way I'd ev

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Shelter illnesses
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Under a year

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