Great service but a bit misleading

Out of 10

Let it be known that even though the website says no medical history required to enroll. This part is true as they want your money. If you file a claim, you will need all your pets history from the time you got the pet. This is to protect the, from paying out claims for preexisting conditions, completely understandable. But I feel they should require this up front to avoid delays in processing and also denied claims. It took close to a month to complete claim because I had to go to several different vets and beg them to fax info to embrace. Vets are not fond of sharing their vet notes, note, i said vet notes, not just the receipts you get as a client. My claim was approved and I did receive my due amount in a timely manner after I got all the info faxed to them. Had I not been able to send them the vet info, my claim would not have approved and I would have been out the annual premium I paid for coverage. So be aware you need to request a medical review upfront otherwise you may be wasting your money if your pet has perexisting conditions. Overall I give them a 9. Would have been a 10 except for the pain of driving to old vets and getting info. Should of been told upfront.

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Pit Bull

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