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I think one of the things people need to understand about pet insurance is that it is NOT like our medical insurance. There are exclusions and pre-existing conditions, you need to go into it with your eyes open. We figured that if each year we are being reimbursed at least what we are paying in premiums, then we were happy and had it in case of emergency. We have used the insurance for wellness care, but twice our little Pom Xena has injured herself and this insurance has really saved us! First she blew her ACL, VPI paid as our planned specified, and actually more than we expected. We probably paid out about $1800 and I believe our reimbursement was around $1400 total. Most recently, she had a very bad ruptured disc in her neck. This diagnosis and surgery (along with MRIs and CT scans) was estimated between $5,000-7,000. It ended up being about $6000 total, and we received about $4000 back in reimbursements. Needless to say, VPI Pet Insurance has definitely been worth it in our case. Even if at the end of their lives we break even in what we have paid out, at least we had the "insurance" if this financial safety net. (We have also had several other issues we have had reiumbursed between having 3 dogs insured, all were paid out per the plan, there were no surprises because we understand what the plan does and does not cover.) Also, I have to say, each time I have called, everybody has been MORE than helpful! Not only that, understanding of how upset we were

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Eye problem

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ACL, ruptured disc, kennel cough, etc...
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Over $1000


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1 - 8

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