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Most insurance companies look for a way not to pay. Our experience with VPI has been the exact opposite. While I don't always understand their calculations, I can't argue that we get our money's worth. We have had 3 rabbits covered under their Exotic fee schedule. Unfortunately, the basics aren't covered but all of the extremely expenxive treatments have been. The premiums are very reasonable to the point where our rabbits have paid for themselves many times over with all the we have gotten back. Our biggest claim was for tumor removal and the original claim was denied saying it was an exclusion. One 30 second call to VPI resulted in an apology for the confusion and within 10 minutes, our account was updated to reflect the amount we would be reimbursed, which came out to almost 60% of our out of pockets costs. Considering most places won't cover exotics, I'm very happy with this! Shortly after this, our other bunny passed away. Not only were her final costs covered, but VPI sent their condolences and cancelled the policy on our behalf without any notification from us. It is very upsetting to have to make that call after losing a beloved pet, so I think that it shows a deep understanding when they handle the situation in this fashion. I encourage everyone I know with a pet to contact VPI. We have been very happy with them and will use them for years to come.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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