Switching back to VPI

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my friend raved about pets best, but I have had no luck with them at all. I'm switching back to VPI. yes on paper PetsBest seems great, but they nickel and dime you at every corner possible, and they're so difficult to get $ back from. You have to write almost an essay for everything the dog needs, and so far, even though I've had the basic procedures that are "supposed" to be covered under my plan, they find a loophole to not pay me. VPI never did that, and it was so easy, I just faxed them my reciept, and VPI would send me a check.

So far my pup and i purchased the most expensive plan too, out of the $400 I submitted, I only got $10 back, saying they will only cover the fecal test.

I would not recommend them, This is what I get for swtiching and trying to save a couple bucks.

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Basic puppy checkup and wellness stuff.
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 08/31/2012

Hi, there isn’t enough information here to look into your case or contact you directly, but please contact our Customer Care team at 877-738-7237 so we can go over your policy details with you.
The biggest difference between Pets Best Insurance and VPI is that we don’t use a benefit schedule to determine how much your vet bill should be – we simply reimburse based on the actual amount you paid (for covered services.) We hope your dog is doing well!