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Dear Pet Plan,
My wife and I recently lost our West Highland white terrier, Weston, to pulmonary fibrosis. A disease we would learn the West Highland white terrier is predisposed to—he was thirteen years and four months. As terrible an ordeal as this was—for Weston, Karol and I—we’d be terribly remiss if we didn’t extend Weston and our thanks to you for being there for us in our time of need. Your firm allowed Weston to have the best of specialized veterinary care available—all of those trips to Lakeshore Veterinary specialists for Weston to have his echo cardiogram, bronchoscopy, oxygen treatments, etc., etc. We will never forget your unwavering and professional support. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts—Weston too, as he now patiently awaits us on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Weston was a special boy, who we miss dearly, as we do Buffy, Shawn, and Toby who have passed before him. We believe Weston would have wanted you to know that he, and the other fellas, have a special place in a book that I’ve recently written and which is soon to be in publication—a memoir of my journey in search of true self and home. The following is an excerpt from the book that I believe conveys Weston’s station in this life, and what it has meant to Karol and me.

“Weston—the Caretaker

When Weston was approaching six years of age, his attention started to stray from the kid games. Toby was in his seventeenth year, was riddled with arthritis, had lost his hea

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