Our cat died....

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We went to Cape Coral Banfield for our kitty. He apparently had a UTI. Common I guess with Siamese cats. They looked at our cat, charged us almost 200 for that day on the plan, we spent even more on this special cat food because they said we needed it. 2 days later...our cat died in my arms. I was 5 months pregnant at the time.... They were going to bind us to the contract for the year, for a cat we no longer had...they even charged us another 80 to creamate...no ashes..... We ended up only paying the 32.95 a month for 6 months. I found out the medication they gave our cat killed him. OD. The painkillers stopped his heart, due to wrongful pre-dosed syringes. So... there is our story...I was tempted to put my dogs on these plans, but after reading all of everyones stories, Ill just find a vet.

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they never said what was actually wrong.
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