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I decided to get my husband's dog insurance when he was 7 or 8 years old. I got the dog the 70% Quickcare Gold and have had that for the past 5 years. He already had a pre-exisiting condition of epilepsy, so for starters, I knew the insurance wouldn't cover that.
Our dog was recently diagnosed with oral malignant melanoma (cancer in the mouth). The insurance company covered a small part of his dental, and $3,000 (which is the max under this plan) for the cancer. He reached the max for this particular category, so that's it. However, I was content with this because it would have had to come out of my pocket and I probably would have had to put my dog to sleep. Paying $2,000 for radiation therapy is better than paying $5,000. Compared to other insurances, I was satisfied. It's difficult to obtain any insurance that will be honest and won't try to sneak in some kind of exclusion. It happens with our own personal insurances. I actually got out of VPI Insurance to go with this one. If you want for it to cover more than $3,000 per category, you have to pay more monthly.

The processing time for reimbursement was also fair. It took them about 3-4 weeks.

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Over 8 years

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