AMAZING Cancer Coverage, Great People

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We had Healthy Paws for only one year before our dog was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor growing on his spine and causing him excruciating pain. Healthy Paws has been truly AMAZING. They have paid just as promised, and have shown caring concern in the process. Along with a few smaller things prior to the tumor, they've been with us through the diagnostics (MRI, ultrasound, xrays, etc), a hospitalization in the critical care unit, a crazy amount of ongoing medications, radiation treatment, and other needs. As you can imagine, this has not been an inexpensive process. We care deeply for our canine family member, and this process would be much, much harder without Healthy Paws. Based on our experience, which has been pretty extensive at this point, we can't recommend them highly enough. They've been worth the investment many, many times over. THANK YOU HEALTHY PAWS!

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Border Collie

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