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I have nothing to say about Embrace except good things. I think it was 2007 when one of my golden retrievers, Frisbee, got a torn cruciate ligament and at the time I was unemployed, no money coming in, and no pet insurance. I struggled but I found IMOM.org where people log in to see what your story is and donate to the dogs or cats they choose to. So I needed $3,300 for the Frisbee’s surgery and I had to wait for a couple months before all the money got donated. Frisbee got his surgery paid for all in donations. After that, as soon as I got an income stream coming in, I searched around for insurance companies and most did not cover preexisting conditions, or they did not pay for diseases specific to the breed, or wouldn't except my Abby because she was 8 at the time, or they paid claims on their own rate schedule. Then I found Embrace. We have been insured with Embrace since 2008 and my Frisbee is no longer with us but, I have L. Bostwick and Abby. I am so glad I found Embrace because before Frisbee died he came down with cancer and Embrace paid for all his chemotherapy pills, surgery, and specialist visits at the hospital. During the time we have been insured with Embrace they have paid every claim within the 15 business day window, and most of the time they paid within 2 weeks. I have the reimbursements automatically deposited to my checking account which is a huge convenience. I highly recommend Embrace pet insurance to everyone who has a pet.

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Claim Amount
Under $100

Golden Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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