A new knee for Lilli (cruciate tear: TPLO)

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One minute Lilli, our seven year old Saint Bernard mix, 100 pound dog, was running in play in our backyard; the next minute she was screaming in agony. Turns out she injured her back knee (cruciate ligament tear), something like a football injury, and couldn't put any weight on that leg. A visit to our vet determined that she would need surgery. They recommended TPLO (not sure what that stands for): not the cheapest choice, but one of the better choices. We applied for pre-approval of the surgery with Pet Plan, submitting an estimate for over $4,000.00. I was expecting a hitch, or at least grumbling. I'd had previously bad experiences with VPI and Pet's Best insurance. Also, Lilli had surgery on her other rear knee about a year and half prior when to this event when we didn't have any coverage at all. So you could argue she had a genetic weakness, pre-disposition, and additional stress to the leg due to prior injury, etc. But Pet Plan was really good about it. They didn't erect any road blocks, didn't suggest cheaper solutions, and quickly approved the surgery. They also reimbursed with great speed all expenses (except for our $200.00 deductible, of course), including many extras such as blood tests, pain patch and pain pills, etc. We were very pleased!
Lilli is now doing well, though still recovering. Her rear leg looks pretty straight, now, although the vet insists she remain on a leash (no back yard running) for 4 months. But thanks to Pet Plan, s

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cruciate tear/rupture
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Over $1000

Saint Bernard

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1 - 8

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