Avoid at all costs

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I was incredibly happy to find this company. Their focus on customer service, impressive coverage, and smaller company size as compared to AKC or Purina really drew me to them initially. Sadly this was short-lived.
I purchased a better than average policy that covered accident, illness and wellness care. After all, with a great dane you can't be too careful. For my money I expected to be treated to the great service that they advertise. I got the exact opposite. My time seemed less important than their time. My claims took too long. When they asked me a third time for my pet's health insurance after I had already provided it two separate times I should have seen the writing on the wall but that wasn't the worst of it.

Bottom line is, they provide good customer service on some occasions but my experience showed them to be disorganized, rude, & lazy. The person who "helped" me was one of the worst excuses for a customer service rep I've ever seen.

SADLY, the best service I recieved from them was from the customer service rep who helped me when I cancelled my policy.

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wellness claim
Claim Amount
Under $100

Great Dane

Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 07/15/2012

Similar experience. For a claim of less than $150 They wanted records that I have already sent, detailed vet reports from10 months before birth and a signed claim form which the vet already sent them. I'm shopping now. Before a claim, insurance companies just make promises. When you make the first claim then you see what you have gotten for your money.

Posted: 07/24/2012

Spot-on to my experience -- they were very helpful when I cancelled my policy, and that was about it. I think they are happy to get rid of people are aren't suckers and can see the handwriting on the wall.