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When we adopted a greyhound, I was aware that there would likely be times that health care was needed for non-life-threatening conditions that, all the same, could easily be quite expensive. So, I thought getting pet insurance would be a good idea.
After a lot of research on different insurers, I decided on Health Paws. We chose a policy that costs $50/month, with a $50 deductible.

A little over a month ago, our greyhound fell down a full flight of stairs and was immediately lame on her right rear leg. She couldn't bear any weight on it and, within an hour, it was terribly swollen and bruised. It was clear that she needed to be taken to the ER but, before doing so, I checked with Healthy Paws to make sure that such a visit would be covered.

The Healthy Paws customer care person's first response was of care and concern for our dog. She assured me that, other than the office visit cost and our deductible, Healthy Paws would cover all procedures, medications, and diagnostic tests. It sounded to good to be true--surely, there was 'small print' lurking in these benefits--but, at the time, it was enough for me to feel secure about going to the hospital.

X-rays showed that there wasn't a fracture, yet the swelling was really dramatic. Not only was her right hind leg swollen and discolored but, within a day, it had spread to her left hind leg. She was a deep, solid grape color throughout, and it kept spreading. First her legs, then her abdomen, up into her chest. It was a

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