Will always have pet insurance for my pets

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After paying for 2 very expensive back surgeries for one of my dogs I decided to look into pet insurance. I knew that they would exempt her back problems but I wanted to have a safety net just in case either one of my dogs ever had any other problems. A few years later my other dog tore his ACL and VPI paid just under 85% of the costs. Granted my vet's prices are extremely reasonable but I was shocked at what I got back on the claim. The next year he unfortunately tore his other ACL and they still paid the same amount. The claims were handled very efficiently. Once I sent my claim via fax I could go online and see the status the next day. My claims have always been paid within 2 weeks. For the most part my 2 dogs are happy and healthy but they are beagles and I never know what they might get into. Or what might happen as they age. I will always carry insurance on my pets. I believe I have had VPI insurance for close to 7 years or more.

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torn ACL
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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