Makes me wish for a dogs life!!!

Out of 10

Recently added a maltese puppy to our family and our breeder talked to us about insurance. We had never thought of buying insurance for a pet before...seemed like a luxury we couldn't afford. Plus we had the same attitude towards pet insurance as we had about our own "human" insurance and the absolute dread in dealing with the company.

However, with Diva being a puppy and the life expectantcy of 15 to 18 years, shots, accidents, illness, spayed, etc., we decided to check into insurance for her. Pets Best had the rating I was looking for and offered a package we could afford.

I can't begin to adequately say how awesome this investment has been. The claims are pre-filled with all information when downloaded. All I need to add is a brief description of treatment and attach the vet's statement.

Within a FEW and I mean FEW days we receive word that the claim was received. And that it was processed with any money reimbursement directly deposited into our personal checking account. Voila!!!

When I had a question about a claim, that same day I received email clarification PLUS a personal phone call from a representative.

This is the best, easist, hassle free, terrific coverage, friendly and fast customer service insurance company ever!
Wish our "human" insurance was as accessible!

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vaccinations, parasites, spay
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
Under a year

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