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Being a customer for our dog, I called about my cats and them having worms. I have (2) stray rescue cats that don't know what a car or vet is. So, I called Banfield to see if I can drop off samples and was told NO, they have to be seen at like $89.00 Each. OK, well can someone help me get them inside the store if I have trouble, I was told NO, I can do it myself. So, I called a local vet down the street. They took the samples and gave me medicine no problem! They set up a follow up 2 weeks later and offered me help getting the cats into the office, Banfield was no help at all. So, I took my cats to the other Vet, leaving the dog on the "Wellness Plan". A few months later, she had a slight limp after playing to hard. We took her in, they gave her anti-inflamitory (NOT COVERED) of course. Then after 2 weeks wanted to x-ray if it wasn't better. Set up appt for 5pm 2 weeks later at a cost of $219.00 and additional $96.00 if the Vet cant read the x-ray AND an extra cost for sedation which had to be done (all with our supposed DISCOUNT!!!!). So, now the total cost is $339.00 and that's with my complaining and them waiving the $96.00 if it was necessary! I called the cats vet who quoted me $139.00 for the X-Ray, and dont sedate them unless absolutely necessary, what a DRASTIC DIFFERENCE! So, I canceled appointment and Wellness plan with Banfield, they are a rip-off!!! And, of course are fighting with me to cancel the plan. So, I put a stop payment and reported them as fraud if th

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