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I don't have anything to compare them to, but my experience with them is mixed. We bought a 3000 bulldog puppy (11 weeks old), and I want to protect my investment so I started looking for insurance. I took her to the Vet the day after we got her from the breeder. Told him I wanted her checked out... so he starts in with normal veterinarian insticts (let me find any possible things wrong so I can make as much money off this sucker who has that kind of money to pay for a dog).
The puppy was diagonsed tailfold dermatitis because the breeder left it with a neighbor to watch since I wanted to wait for xmas to pick up puppy and he was going out of town. The neighbor didn't watch puppy to well so it had skin infection from sitting in feces and not being cleaned afterwards.
During the vets exam he quickly pokes and prods at the dog and wiggles her kneecap and says something about watching her knees might have a problem at some point with her knees. I didn't think much about that cause heck at some point we are ALL going to have problems with our knees.
I pay the 175.00 vet bill and my dog's skin infection heals fine.
I start researching insurance companies and I pick trupanion. I signup they check her records and tell me that they will not cover ANY skin issues at all in the future. So I tell them never mind that is ridiculas. Then I call Embrace, they say as long as she doesn't have anymore tailfold dermatitis issues for 12 months long term skin issues would be cover

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