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I enrolled both of my dogs, Saylor and Lunker, several years ago. Saylor was 6 months old and Lunker was 1 year old. I have been totally satisfied with VPI! First off, I am a licensed life and health insurance agent and have been for over 15 years. With that said, deductibles, exclusions and limitations and reimbursement schedules are words I understand! When I see someone complain about usual and customary charges - I scratch my head and think "no where does VPI indicate that they are paying usual and customary". You receive a flat reimbursement for each service after you meet your one time deductible. Because both of my dogs are big breeds - I choose the superior plan with a one time deductible of $100. It is ONE TIME per year like your medical insurance not $100 per incident/claim. The first year of the insurance, I received reimbursement for 2 well dog visits, heart work preventative, annual vaccines and dental cleanings. In addition, Lunker was bite by a snake, had pancreatitis, and several other 'issues'. After the $100 deductible was taken off my first non-well visit, I received reinbursement that was close to 88% of the charge. The same year Saylor swallowed something g and had to have stomach X-rays along with 3 vet visits - after requesting and receiving additional information from the vet, VPI paid exactly what was listed of the fee schedule which was $300 - the vet charged $400, so that was 75% reimbursement. Last year, both dogs were diagnosed with

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