A Very Picky Major Medical Plan

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Immediately after adopting Francis, my cat, who had been hit by a car the year before and had complications, I bought VPI's Major Medical Plan in case anything arose. After 7 months of no medical problems I dropped VPI. THREE DAYS LATER, Francis developed urinary blockage, which cost me $500. I immediately called VPI, letting them know the situation and was told he had to start a brand new plan that included his urinary blockage as a preexisting condition that would be considered as such for 3 months. The problem with urinary blockage, and many other conditions, is that it can easily pop up again within a 3-month window. And, with Francis, of course, it did. SO, I paid another $500 out of pocket without VPI's help. A month later, Francis had his annual checkup that included necessary vaccinations ($190.75)--VPI's Major Medical Plan does NOT include routine medical expenses, so this expenditure was paid out of my pocket, as well. Not only have I paid a great deal of money to the vet while having VPI Insurance, but I've been paying VPI a great deal of money, as well, with no output from them. Unfortunately, I cannot give feedback on their handling of "straight forward" cases, so please keep this in mind (though many accidents/sicknesses are not "straight forward" nor predictable). Conclusion: Take your money elsewhere.

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Urinary blockage and routine care
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

American Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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