A bunch of Con artists posing as animal lovers!

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Firstly, this insurance is NOT cheap-- it is probably actually the highest I have seen offered in our region for my breed type (Newfoundland dog). The money is not really a factor because I love my dog and every penny I spend is worth it to maintain his health. However, on top of the atrocious premiums, I pay extra for Hip Dysplasia coverage (premiums are about $90+/monthly) so I was pretty miffed when I was denied a $79 RIGHT Hip Dysplasia claim because he had suffered a left KNEE injury (unrelated) which I had informed them about prior to enrolment (and I was told very sweetly that it would not affect his coverage unless a recurring KNEE injury were to surface).... Last time I checked, my knee and my hip were in different places, but according to Trupanion they must not be???? In short, they gladly take your money, but they will find every lame excuse in the book to find ways NOT to approve your claim. They claim not to discriminate against genetic conditions such as Hip Dysplasia, but since this illness was confirmed, they have perused every bit of my dog's medical history for anything which could have been remotely indicative to hip dysplasia-- "oh, your dog is sometimes lazy? HIP DYSPLASIA- denied!"!! "Oh, your dog is a Newfoundland who weighs 165lbs? HIP DYSPLASIA - denied!" "Oh, your dog fell on ice in the wintertime and hurt his KNEE on the other side of his body? HIP DYSPLASIA - denied!" And I read a couple of the reviews above, and after having spent a

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Hip Dysplasia on his RIGHT HIP
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Under $100


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1 - 8

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Posted: 04/18/2013

The same exact thing happened to me and that is why I cancelled my policy. They are THIEVES!

Posted: 08/29/2012

Right on! After accepting my claims, suddenly Trupanion denied them. I had my veterinarian write them a letter explaining that the previous condition which they found acceptable still existed. It took over a month with no satisfaction. When my wife contacted Christine, she promised to phone back on August 28. She did not do so. I have canecelled my policy with this unethical, company.

Posted: 03/29/2013

Same with me- they tell you what you want to hear over the phone and act very caring and concerned. But like most tele- marketers they earn their good wages buy selling you promises when actually most claims are denied immediately to see if you'll let it go. Then if you won't let it go they guarantee you that if you'll just send in a written letter to appeal then there should be no problem getting your claim approved- WRONG! They have had 40 BBB consumer complaints in a year- that's a lot for a supposed bona fide company. Don't waste your money! 90% of nothing is NOTHING!