Astronomical Rate Increase

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I insured my dog Ozzie in 2011 after doing much research on a Pet Insurance that met my needs. At first Pet Plan was great. Claims were processed in a timely fashion. However the plan that I enrolled in changed. The deductible which was annually, now became per incident. That’s not the plan that I purchased.
I would NEVER purchase a per incident Pet Plan Insurance. From this point on I was disappointed, disillusioned and felt betrayed.
Recently to add insult to injury my policy increased from $98 to a whopping $252 per month! Basically after paying thousands of dollars over the course of 9 years, this company has pushed my pet out the door. My dog has not had any major health issues, thankfully. This companies business practices are HORRIFIC to say the least. I had no warning, not a letter, not an email. With such a rate increase one would think that a company could properly reach out to their insured to alert them. I would NEVER recommend this insurance to anyone. Truly disappointing. Horrible company.

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