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I received three emails that processing my claim was running behind. That is fine but don't tell me it will take two weeks if every claim i make is going to make will take 4-5 weeks. This is not the first time. I also work under a two week deadline and hold myself accountable to get the product out to our customers. Kind of question who is accountable at Embrace.

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rodenticide ingestion
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Under $100

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 05/10/2012

Embrace changed -- I WAS a big endorser for them. Now I would not recommend them. Claims are very slow and they appear to challenge everything. The nice customer service doesn't offset the denied claims.

Posted: 05/21/2012

They use to process so promptly. I am experiencing the same problem. Lots of emails telling me it is not lost in a black whole, but no processing seems to be happening. Some time ago they were going through some computer change, but it is not reasonable for this long. Now I wonder if the computer saga was just an excuse.