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In Oct 2011, we first experienced the extreme costs of vet care when our Bulldog started vomiting when he was 3 months old. Our standard vet is not available over weekends so took our baby to an emergency vet. We were told he needed blood tests, fecal exam, needed to be treated for dehydration and vomiting, and the vet wanted to do an X-ray to see of he had an obstruction. Costs totaled near $1000!. Vet had no idea what was wrong. Who has $1000 laying around for a vet trip? We felt terrible but chose all the tests besides the X-ray, deciding to wait for the results of tests first. Vet agreed and said he would treat the symptoms (dehydration and vomiting). One day later we heard that all the tests came back fine. After asking them to send that report to our standard vet, it was agreed no further action required. (we also confirmed this on the Monday with our usual vet) Based on this, we decided to get VPI, thinking it would help us make the best possible decisions for our baby in future. Not making decisions based on money. Our experiences since then: Out of around $1500 worth of claims, we have received only $35 from them! We are paying $60 a month for top coverage and a rider but it's not worth it! Our claims keep getting denied, for a hundred different reasons, with VPI quoting all the fine print that nobody really understands at the time of taking out pet insurance. Everybody with a puppy knows how easily they can get an upset tummy from eating or lickin

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
Under a year

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