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I spent a lot of time doing research on the different pet insurance companies before deciding on Healthy Paws based on coverage, cost, and customer satisfaction. I definitely think I made the right decision by choosing them!
To start with, they reviewed my dog's vet records and told me up front, in writing, what would and would not be covered as a pre-existing condition within the 30-day refund period. In addition, they were generous with their coverage; there were a few things I thought they would be within their right to classify as "pre-exisiting," but the only thing they said was that as long as my dog did not have another UTI within 9 months of his first one, anything that came up would be covered.

Last week, my dog got into some chocolate and had to spend the night at the emergency vet. Healthy Paws covered the entire bill, except the office fee (which is not covered). As of my writing this, it has been 7 days since the incident, and I already have my reimbursement check. So here is the timeline: incident happened Tuesday, July 3rd; I picked my dog up from the vet and left the claims paperwork with the vet Wednesday, July 4th; I was emailed on Thursday, July 5th that my claim had been received, and again that my claim had been processed; on Monday, July 9th I received the reimbursement check in the mail (and it got sent to the wrong address first!). I was already satisfied before this incident, and now I'm astounded.

There have been a few other, minor clai

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Posted: 07/31/2012

Glad we "made the grade" when you did your research so we could provide our comprehensive coverage for Ody. We appreciate the detailed claim timeline you provided - very useful information for people using this site. Big hugs to Ody for us!


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