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I have 9 cats - all of varying ages. I have also had several who have since departed. At this time - all 9 are covered by VPI. Between those that are in this world and those in the next - this insurance has covered three broken legs, diabetes, thyroid, gingivitis, and a few other things I can't recall. Most recently (and still ongoing) are two broken legs. My cat Murphy broke his leg horizontally. Two weeks later - the same leg splintered vertically and he needed another operation and installation of a larger plate. He's been in quarantine for several months while the leg heals. To date, between the first and second surgeries - VPI has covered Murphy to the tune of $3-4k. This does not include the first time he broke his other leg two years ago - which cost me $3k until VPI picked up $2k of it. When my cat Rosie had thyroid problems - they covered about $1k of $1600. And when Ben was diagnosed with diabetes - they covered around $1k of a $1.4k bill. While its expensive insuring 9 cats - I can't imagine what my vet bills could be without it. Reimbursements are fairly fast online - 2-3 weeks. Only drawback is that if the cat previously suffered from something - like UTIs - they won't cover in the future. I'd also like to see better discounts for multiple cats. ( Mom to - Alison, Murphy, Charlotte, Bailey, Claribel, Madison, Buttercup, Frankie and Daisy)

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broken legs, gingivitis, diabetes
Claim Amount
Over $1000

American Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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