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Petplan is amazing! Because of Petplan we never once hesitated when making decisions about Karma’s care. I do not know the dollar amount of what Petplan paid out I do know it made a huge difference to us. In the end it was an astronomical amount of money. Our dogs have always been insured. We were relatively new members of the Petplan family when we enrolled Karma a little more than three and a half years ago. We will never insure a dog with another company. Petplan is truly unique. We have never experienced the high level of compassion and customer service from any other carrier.
Petplan made our quest with to determine the cause of karma’s illness possible. We knew there was a reason she stopped eating, so did Petplan. Thankfully they supported the extensive testing necessary to make a diagnosis and secure proper care.
Unfortunately her illness ended with euthanasia due to her debilitated state from disseminated histio sarcoma. The diagnosis was difficult to make. Possibly a swallowing or dental issue, infectious hepatitis had to be ruled out. Her platelets were so low that a surgical biopsy could not be done. Ultrasound guided needle biopsy did not give us the answers we needed and her platelets did improve. Petplan was there every stage, transfusion and surgery. At the end they were there with their condolences, making sure we got a credit on the unused portion of our policy. Petplan will always be the first to know when we add a new four legged member of my

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Over $1000

Bernese Mountain Dog

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 07/04/2012

I must be on a different planet. My experience with Petplan was a nightmare. You sound a lot like a Petpkan rep. I question the authenticity of this review.