Thank you Pet Plan for being there for us!!

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I have had Simon and Casey, both Maltese, since they were puppies. They are like my children and I think the world of them. I have attached a photo of both of them when they were younger because I love the photo. Casey is the smaller one standng on top of the hood. She is a fun-loving, playful little dog and is loaded with personality. Simon, who is driving the car, is more "serious", however, very, very affectionist and each have their unique personality.
Casey had a tumor on her spleen which she was going to die from if not operated on. We ooperated on her successfully, it was not cancerous, and her appitite has improved 100%. She must of been feeling not well for a long time--we thought she was just "picky". Now, she's like a puppy again--no kidding! THANK YOU, PET PLAN, FOR BENG THERE WHEN WE NEEDED YOU!!!

Simon,pretty much just stopped eating a while ago and we ultimately ended up running a battery of tests one of them being a liver biopsy. Simon does seem have some liver issues going on, however, with a change of diet among other things, his health has improved and we are hoping to have Simon around with us for as long as we can. THANKS AGAIN, PET PLAN, FOR BEING THERE WHEN WE NEEDED YOU!!

I have recommended Pet Plan to everyone I know. If I am at the Vets office waiting for an appointment, I am Pet Plan's best advocate. I think a swayed several people the importance of having insurance coverage on your pet.

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