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I've had this service for 3 months. The technical issues are a nightmare.Right off the bat, wd couldnt log in. Then we could switch over the email. Then they fixed the email issue, but the claims updates dont go to that email kwhich they cant change). I could submit a claim because the app was down, then it wouldnt take the documents, then we couldnt upload the supporting documents asked for. Then the app disappeared, then if came back, but majority of it doesnt work. Its one thing after another.

On top of all this, I submitted 3 claims, which (3 months later), ultimately were denied. 2 of them said that it was because we hadnt had an exam within 6 months prior to the coverage, but we had and the documents we sent, that they supposedly reviewed, supported this. So, Ive now had to make an appeal to re-open the claim. But I have ZERO confidence that it will be approved because, why would they make anything simple?

I seem to be paying for increased stress levels, not actual coverage.

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Mixed Breed Medium (20-70 Lbs)

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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