Toby my Great Dane

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I will begin with the coupon. I was given a coupon for buy one night get 2 free boarding nights at Pet Smart. My family and I were going on a 4 night vacation out of state and decided to cash in on the 2 free nights. This particular Pet Smart had a doggy day camp available so to reduce Toby's (my Great Dane) anxiety I was going to have him play the day I dropped him off and the last day when we were to pick him up.
I dropped Toby off as planned and we were off on our vacation, 30 minutes before my flight was to take off I receive a call from Pet Smart saying Toby has thrown up 3 times and it was their policy to have a vet look at him. While the flight attendent is asking me to turn off my phone I'm speaking with the on call vet telling them to call my vet and listen to what ever they tell you. I had to turn the phone off or proboby be thrown off the plane.

We land 3 hours later and I have a message they have driven Toby over to my vet and my vet (who owns great danes herself) was suspicious enough of Toby's situation she had to have X-rays taken. There was a small blockage which medication was able to take care of and fortunatly my wife's parents and brother could watch Toby the remainder of our vacation.

I started out thinking 2 free nights with doggy day camp we were only going to spend $85 for 4 nights sounds great! It ended up being $15 for time spent at Pet Smart and their vet, and $754.35 in care from my vet. Trupanion covered $678.92 and I only spen

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