Overall, I am satisfied with VPI

Out of 10

I have had VPI now on three dogs. 12+ years. I have been happy with my reimbursements generally. I have called them a number of times before I submit to make sure I am including everything they need to process the claim. I make sure and get copies of treatment sheets for any 'none' routine vet visits. I have learned thru the years that it is best to submit expenses as they occur on seperate submission forms. Do not use one form to submit all the items for one 'incident' if the incident includes multiple vet visits, each visit and each vet on a seperate form. If use one form you are guarenteed to get less compensation because VPI applies the 'limit' to the total of the submission. I have also had a few claims that were not paid as I expected and VPI was great when I re-submitted the claim with a letter of explaination, using the codes and descriptions on the benefit schedule. Overall I generally get about 60 - 70% of the total vet bill back. I have looked at other companies and I do see things in them that sound good but in reality when I talk with those that have coverage with the other companies they are not always as 'happy' as I expected them to be. So I am happy I have VPI.

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Caudia Equina
Claim Amount
Under $100

Bernese Mountain Dog

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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