Unacceptable processing time

Out of 10

Nothing about submitting claims and receiving payment with this company is easy. Signatures are required from both the vet and the customer before submitting the claim. The length of time for a claim to be received after submitting (either by email or fax) is upwards of 4-5 weeks and after you receive a notice that it has been received it is at least 14 days before you are notified of coverage. Then it is another wait before there is a payout. If you are looking for pet insurance so that you don't have money held up waiting for insurance payment, this is not the company to choose. If you need to do a predetermination of a claim before proceeding with treatment it can take upwards of 3 weeks. How does that make sense if your pet is in pain?

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Claim Amount

Mixed Breed Medium (20-70 Lbs)

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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