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I love Petplan and highly recommend them. I did a lot of research before choosing them and it paid off. They have paid several claims over the last few years exactly as promised. My dog has had a cruciate ligament repair and dental surgery and they paid my claims quickly and accurately. Currently, my dog has been receiving ongoing treatment for a paw puncture wound she sustained in December. This seemingly minor injury has turned into a medical nightmare. Bills are over $2000 at this point and Petplan has come through and covered all her treatment. Her paw appears to heal and then reopens. They’ve covered radiographs, ultrasound, antibiotics, light therapy, surgery and bandage changes. Currently, she’s seeing a specialist and they removed a small foreign body so hopefully this will be it for her. I am so glad I got Petplan for her. Who would have thought a seemingly minor injury could turn into 5 months of medical bills. Because of Petplan, money does not have to be a concern for us and we can afford her treatment. I have Petplan for my four cats as well. I have only had one claim for one of my cats but they paid exactly as promised on that as well.I had a different insurance company for my last dog. They pay per diagnosis per year. Consequently, when my dog had 3 strokes in one year they would only pay the allowance for one stroke (which was much lower than actual charges) and once that was used up, wouldn’t cover the other episodes even though they were new strokes. Becau

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paw wound
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Golden Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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