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When trying to sign up for an insurance plan, my vet didn't automatically pop up and so I couldn't proceed any further. I emailed customer service about this, they responded asking about a window of time in which someone could call me. I gave them my availability, but then did not hear back from them for over a month (only heard from them after I sent a follow-up email asking for a call). The rep finally called me and helped set me up with a plan.

A few months later, my cat had an issue with one of his teeth and it needs to be extracted. When I called in to ask a couple of questions, the rep told me "well first of all, you don't have dental coverage yet because you're still within the 6 month waiting period". When the rep had called me to set up the plan in the first place, the only mention of a waiting period was the first couple days after signing up for the policy. There was no mention of any other waiting periods.
When I called in with questions about the dental extraction, I told the rep that this was news to me and asked her to point me in the direction of where this would be indicated. Insurance Summary simply says "your policy may be subject to waiting periods", but when they so heavily emphasize the first couple days after signing up for the policy, there is no reason to think that the waiting period mentioned on the Insurance Summary would be referring to anything other than that. Not to mention the fact that they refer you to the Policy Wordings, where there is no mention of waiting periods until page 22!

Customer service was pleasant to deal with once I got hold of people, but overall severely disappointed in the lack of transparency throughout this process. Probably going to opt out of the plan.

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