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I purchased health insurance for my dog Pete about four years ago from Petplan. I’m an analyst with many years of experience, so I thoroughly reviewed the various pet insurance companies and the plans offered before selecting Petplan. There were two primary reasons why I choose Petplan: first they don’t exclude coverage because of hereditary conditions. If you think about it, an insurance company could claim any illness was inherited and not cover it. So, rather than expose myself to needless litigation I simply excluded the companies that exclude coverage for hereditary conditions. Second, Petplan was very competitive with prices and allowed me to custom tailor a plan to fit my needs. I was looking primarily for catastrophic coverage in case my dog ever had a really expensive disease. I was able to obtain $12 thousand annual coverage for under $400. It was $200 deductible for each illness, but that enabled me to keep the cost low. Boy was I glad I bought that policy. My dog came down with a serious illness and has had about $8 thousand in the last four years. Petplan has paid these claims exactly as agreed to in the insurance contract. It takes a couple of weeks to process the claims, but I don’t consider that unreasonable. I’m also able to scan the invoices and claims forms and email them to the Petplan claims center. I could not be happier with Petplan.

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Eye problem

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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