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One of the things my wife and I decided we would do when we got our two cats was to get pet insurance. After some considerable dragging of our feet, we finally began the process in December of 2011. After checking out and doing a full analysis of the top eight rated insurance companies, Pet Plan came out on top as the best value for a reasonable cost for our two cats, Chloe and Lily. I was impressed by 100% coverage, a low deductible, the amount and quality of items covered, and a $20,000 max coverage per year. Having two relatively healthy, young cats, we wouldn't ever expect to have to spend $20,000.00 in a single year in insurance claims. But for $20 per month for each of our cats, it was worth the investment.
Only one month later, I noticed Chloe breathing faster than usual. Concerned, we brought her in to our vet and they gave her a battery of tests. I knew that we had the pet insurance so technically everything would be covered. But when it comes to insurance, I imagine I'm not the only one who pictures the employee of the month being the one who can find the most technicalities to deny claims. After over $1500 in tests and conservative treatment, we found our two-year-old cat had a rare condition (idiopathic chylorthorax) which is not easily resolved. After conservative treatment regressed, we were referred to a specialist who suggested a three-part surgery that would cost around $6,000.00 and give her a 50% chance of full recovery (with 50% c

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Idiopathic Chylothorax and Saddle Thrombus
Claim Amount
Over $1000

American Longhair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 04/19/2012

(with 50% chance of no change). At this point, we had still yet to file our first claim on previous bills and yet had a major, expensive surgery hanging over our head with no guarantee of success, and the surgeon suggesting the surgery be done within three days. Frantic and still not sure if anything we've done or planned to do would be covered, we filed a preauthorization form on a Thursday night hoping we would hear back by Sunday morning, and we also filed a claim for everything paid to date.

Surprisingly, within twenty-four hours, Pet Plan confirmed that they would cover 80% of the surgery (per their policy, which we expected). To us, given Chloe's young age, it was worth the out of pocket 20% co-pay to give her a chance. This also affirmed for us that the other claim would go through as well. It ultimately did and we had that first check in hand within a week, which was amazing (and an amazing relief on the credit card given our efforts so far). After conservative treatment started to show results, we postponed the surgery a few weeks. When the treatment again began to regress, everyone felt surgery was the best option. I checked with Pet Plan to see if we would need to file another preauthorization as a few weeks had passed, but they simply confirmed over the phone that the preauthorization still stood, which was a great relief.

After surgery, our cat began to have some complications which kept her in the ICU longer than the few days that were expected. Due to this, a $6,000.00 visit turned into a $7,500.00 visit. Then, as soon as she began to show progress, the worst possible thing occurred. She suffered a blood clot which paralyzed her back legs (a saddle thrombus). Besides the horrendous sadness and pain this caused us, this also led to several more days in ICU to see if she would recover enough. We ultimately brought her home with medications and scheduled physical therapy visits while we waited to see if she would improve. Ultimately, after two weeks, her back legs regressed to the point that it made little sense for us to continue the recovery process and we put down our little princess on Easter of this year. It was a sad ending to 2 1/2 months of stress and our cat going through an uncomfortable journey. All told, the entire care process cost over $11,000.00, with Pet Plan covering over $9,000.00 of it. For all of the emotional toll that the process took on us, the financial piece of it was made much less stressful, if not just a mild distraction, due to Pet Plan's approach. Pet Plan gave Chloe a chance at a full life that she wouldn't have been able to get without their assistance.

As for Pet Plan's customer service team, they were very pleasant and courteous with each and every phone call, and were empathetic in asking us how Chloe was progressing. They were easy to reach each time we called and answered our questions fully and quickly. Their claims process is immaculate, with all claim checks coming within a week and a half and the final check coming within a week. The claims were easy to submit, with Pet Plan just requiring the medical record (which was easy to obtain from our vets) and an extremely simple claim form, which could be scanned and e-mailed among other options. And when unsure of where the claims were in the process, the website made it very clear. We could see when the paperwork was complete, when the claim was with accounting for the check to be cut, and when the check was in the mail.

While Chloe's story was one with an unfortunate result for all parties involved, Pet Plan has affirmed my faith in their company and insurance process. They have more than earned our family's business for all future cats and other animals we may adopt over time. Further, they've earned the multitude of advertising that we have made our obligation to provide to our friends, families, and co-workers. Thank you, Pet Plan, for the chance you provided our cat and for the protection you provide to our other cat. You've got a customer for life.