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this plan denied a well visit to our vet.when i questioned this no benefit,i was told if i did not take my dog to vet and place him on heartworm prevention,they would not pay for that treatment. i think they have a forked tongue.however i took another policy with pet first and they paid without question.i encourage u to look very dissatisfied owner and dog.

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 04/30/2012

Very confusing review. Are you saying Pets Best was your insurance that did not pay or some other insurance company?

Posted: 04/19/2015

As a responsible pet owner you should keep current your animals vaccines and prevention. shame on you for having to have someone to tell you to do what you are supposed to. They clearly say they do not cover annual wellness visits and they do not and should not cover the treatment if your dog gets heartworm disease because you are doing nothing to prevent it.

Posted: 04/19/2012

this is such an ignorant and skewed review!!! let's just say that well care is not the reason insurance should be purchased. this wonderful company which covered the "cheap" claim will kill you with deductibles and copays when the "real" claims go through. god forbid this client really neads coverage in case of an emergency or serious sickness!!! u can't help ingorance!!! i would NEVER leave Pet Plan for as long as they want to have ME!!!

Posted: 04/29/2012

Oh, please, nancy king, do your research! Read what the policy offers in advance -- most of the good pet health insurances don't cover wellness and, of those that do, it's an extra charge and/or a completely different type of plan. Petplan doesn't do this and they make that very clear on their website and in their policy and it's an honest effort to keep premiums as low as possible. It is a complete and total misuse of Pet Insurance Review's rating system to give Petplan a '1' for something that is your own fault.