VPI A Scam!!!!!

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I've had the best VPI plan offered on both my cats for 2 years now. I just recently had to submit my first claim. I found out yesterday that the benefit I will be receiving for $794.00 out of pocket to keep my pet from eminent death is $132.00. However, if a $2500 surgery had been necessary VPI was prepared to offer up an additional $157.00 which would include hospitalization, anesthesia and injections, the actual surgery reimbursement would have fallen under $60. What I received in return for this claim was equivalent to 4 months of premiums for this one cat. If my pet had not survived this completely survivable condition, it would have been due to lack of money, approx., the same dollar amount between the reimbursement I received and the amount in premiums I've paid in one year for this one cat. I can honestly say that using VPI was hazardous to the life of my pet. I now know there are better pet insurance companies that actually offer legitimate insurance, meaning that they pay out realistic reimburments of medical fees constant with actual fees charged somewhere within the free world. A supervisor in the VPI claims department told me yesterday that she had actually seen reimbursements to pet owners of $5000, which is what my maximum benefit is per incident is, however, she added that the out-of-pocket to the owner on the care they were reimbursing was about 20K. I would advise that you take these numbers into close consideration before signing up your beloved baby with V

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

American Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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