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I signed my dog up for VPI when she was 5 with the hope to give her the best care possible throughout her life. I signed up for monthly automatic withdrawals from my bank account for the premiums. She is now nearing 14 and in relatively good health, but had a small accident 2 weeks ago. When I contacted VPI about the small claim, they informed me that they made an error and dropped my dog from their system 15 months ago. They apologized about the mistake and proceeded to tell me they'd allow me to pay them $500 to reinstate the policy. REALLY! They said if I wanted to continue with full coverage, this was my only choice. Since my dog is over 10 she is a "high risk" for them and they couldn't start a new full coverage policy. I was a bit shocked and very disappointed!! They make an error and as a result I need to pay $500 immediately! I still would like coverage for my dog, and may have considered paying if they would have shown some genuine remorse for their mistake. Perhaps offer me a free month? A free dog tag? Maybe make an exception to their rule and allow me to re-register my dog with a new policy? This was their mistake and all I get is a bill for $500. I declined their offer because i thought this was horrible customer service!!! Now as my dog ages and needs the insurance the most, we are without it. I've been a good customer for over 8 years and this is what I get!

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Under $100

German Shepherd

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Over 8 years

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