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We have brother and sister lab mixes that will be 2 in may. In January they ate a full bottle of Advil gel caps! Our boy ate 80-90 pills and our girl ate 20-30. If you don't know 4 pills of Advil is toxic to dogs. After 5 days of critical care at our vet specialist we got to take them home. It was the worst week of our life and after day one we were told that our baby boy was not going to survive! but the both did thanks to the great vet team at CA vet specialist! However, our bill was $10,000 without the 5 follow up blood and urine tests! VPI sent us $880 per dog, and that is with their major medical plan! With our $250 deductible per dog and our premiums, they gave us about $300 of that $10,000! We only have it for accidents and have never filled a claim! Sadly, the base their numbers on national prices and living in southern CA we pay high vet prices, but does that mean we should get crapy pet insurance?! No! We resubmitted and fought our claim and the sent us an additional $950 however that's still only about 27% coverage! Compared to other companies 70-100% ... It's ridiculous! Don't get shamed b VPI!

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Renal (kidney)

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Over $1000

Mixed Breed

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1 - 8

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