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I enrolled my dog and two cats after losing another dog to cancer of the spleen. I had debated about whether or not to enroll them for several years, but finally made the decision. I signed up knowing that my dog already had some pre-existing conditions, but I was willing to give the pet insurance a chance. I am glad I took that chance! Last year, my dog, Gibson, started having problems walking. It turned out that he had back problems. He had several x-rays, blood tests, and quite a few drugs. At that point, I was happy that I had chosen to get the insurance, but then things just got even worse for Gibson and the insurance became invaluable. In September, he started having bladder problems. The vet determined that he did not have a bladder infection and he did not have bladder stones. After about a month of trying different drugs and treatments without any improvement, they tested him for bladder cancer. He was diagnosed with transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder - which is a non-curable cancer. He has been treated with chemotherapy since the diagnosis. Although we have had some set-backs, it is now seven months later and he is doing great! He still goes to the vet every few weeks for a chemo injection, but you would never know he was sick. Although I would have done the same treatments for Gibson, had I not had the insurance, I would have been severely in debt due to all the vet bills. PurinaCare has been outstanding throughout the entire process. My claims have a

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Labrador Mix

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1 - 8

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